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A&D Weighing GX-800 Precision Balance, 810 g x 0.001 g, Internal Calibration

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  • Scales Outlet NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate

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A&D Weighing GX-800

A&D Weighing GX-800 Precision Balance, 810 g x 0.001 g, Internal Calibration

SKU: GX-800

Discontinued by the manufacturer.

A&D Weighing GX-800 Precision Balance

The A&D Weighing GX-800 precision balance was designed to be user-friendly, requiring little training. GX series precision balances feature motorized internal calibration for guaranteed accuracy at the push of a button. Internal calibration automatically occurs when the balance detects a change in temperature. GX precision balances are versatile with a range of weighing applications including parts counting, dynamic weighing, comparator, density determination, and percentage weighing. Other features include simple 6 button operation on the IP54 rated keypad, a bright blue vacuum fluorescent display, displayed capacity indicator, and a draft shield. 


  • Stainless steel weighing pan
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • Integrated level bubble 
  • Comes with Adapter
  • Basic operator card included
  • Draft shield
  • IP54 rated keypad
  • Capacity indicator to help prevent overloads
  • Bright blue vacuum fluorescent display
  • Standard RS-232 Interface 
  • USB compatible
  • Date and Time function
  • Under hook weighing
  • Automatic response adjustment to prevent effects of wind and vibration 
  • Hold function to freeze the current weight displayed
  • Data memory function can store weighing data, calibration data or unit mass in counting mode
  • Counting function with automatic counting accuracy improvement 
  • Internal calibration with built in weight 
  • Automatic self calibration, using the internal mass, adapting to changes in temperature
  • Self check function with the internal weight
  • Conforms to GLP, GMP, GCP, ISO
  • Windows compatible data collection software
  • SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) provides fast and accurate results
  • Auto Power-Off
  • Multiple weighing units
  • Highest speed response of stable weight is 1 second or less

Weighing Applications 

  • General Weighing
  • Parts Counting
  • Percentage Weighing
  • Comparator 
  • Dynamic / Animal Weighing
  • Density Determination
5 year manufacturer's warranty
810 g
0.001 g
0.001 g
0.003 g
Pan Size:
5.04" x 5.04" / 128 mm x 128 mm
Weighing Units:
g, oz, lb, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, grain,N, pcs
Motor Driven Internal calibration
Span Drift:
2 ppm/°C
Operating Temp:
5°C to 40°C / 41°F to 104°F, 85%RH or lower (No condensation)
Sample Quantities:
5, 10, 25, 50 or 100
Minimum Unit Weight for Counting:
0.001 g
Display Type:
Blue Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Display Update:
5 or 10 times per second
Stabilization Time:
Programmable, Can be as fast as 1.5 second
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H):
6.4" x 6.4" x 8.2" / 163 mm x 163 mm x 207 mm
Weight of scale:
10.1 lb / 4.6 kg
AC adapter
A&D Weighing