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NIST Class F

NIST Class F

NIST Class F calibration weights are used primarily to test commercial weighing equipment. These tests for calibration purposes can be performed by in house technicians, maintenance workers, local weights and measures officials, device installers, and service technicians. Class F weights can be used for testing most Class III scales, all Class IIIL and Class IIII scales, and all scales not marked with a designated class. For more questions about calibration weights and what kind would be best for you application, please contact us. You can reach us through the livechat, via email at, or by calling 616-622-2100.

NOTICE: NIST Class F field standards cannot be used for legal metrology applications after January 1st, 2020. Any NIST Class F weights placed into service before this date will still be usable for legal metrology applications and will not require removal from service.

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