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Why Shop With Us?

You could order from anywhere else online but you chose to visit us at So why should you buy from Scales Plus? Why do we deserve the privilege of your business? Simply put, we believe you deserve the best value, best experience, exceptional technical support and value-added services. Not to mention, we are a pretty awesome bunch of folks. Just sayin'.

Best Deals

Scales Plus offers the best deals on everything weighing. From economy scales to top-of-the-line weighing systems, we always offer competitive pricing and the best value. We work hard to extend the biggest discounts on scales, regardless of order quantity or sticker price. However, we feel there is more to it than just dollars and cents. You deserve more value. Here are some of the things are team does to give you just that. 

    • Exclusive discounts, special offers and promotional items only for Scales Plus customers
    • Access to technical resources and products only available to authorized dealers
    • Knowledgeable sales staff including trained and experienced scale technicians
    • Huge selection of weighing scales, balances and accessories for all applications
    • Free ground shipping on most of our catalog
    • Quick, easy and secure online ordering
    • Equipment to fit all budgets

Authorized Dealer

Scales Plus is an authorized dealer for many of today's most trusted brands. We've cultivated great relationships with our suppliers and have the opportunity to pass the rewards on to you. Some of these benefits include access to product resources, replacement parts, special discounts and specialized support. Even if you choose not to shop with us, we suggest you buy from an authorized dealer.

Knowledgeable Staff

We know scales. The team at Scales Plus possess years of experience in everything weighing. From our sales team to our technical support staff, we offer a complete solution. Unlike some other online catalog companies, our team is made up of people who know scales inside and out. Some of our team members have even held, or currently hold, state licensing as scale technicians!

Why is this important to you? 

Because you can trust that we know scales. We don't just give special cart discounts (although that is pretty awesome, right?!). We can actually help you choose the scale best suited for your application. Our team can help troubleshoot issues with your existing equipment and make recommendations when it's time to buy new.

But we don't stop working for you after the sale. Scales Plus provides ongoing technical support, calibration services, repair services and preventative maintenance. Our skilled team can help keep your operations running by providing services that help maintain your critical equipment therefore reducing downtime, reducing operating costs and maximizing your profits.

For a list of our services or to request services you need, click here.


When you need the perfect suit, you go to your favorite tailor. When you need the best cut of meat, you go to your favorite local butcher. When you need a weighing scale, you go to!

Why Scales Plus?

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