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Torbal offers a comprehensive range of laboratory balances and industrial scales to service a wide variety of research and industrial applications. Their analytical and precision balances are designed for laboratory research with advanced features such as high-precision sensors, intuitive user interfaces, and built-in calibration functions, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements across a wide range of sample types and weights. Torbal's moisture analyzers are indispensable tools for moisture content determination in various materials, including food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and more.  For industrial and commercial weighing applications, Torbal offers a diverse selection of scales, including bench scales, floor scales, counting scales, and crane scales. These scales are  suitable for use in manufacturing, logistics, shipping, and warehouse environments. Torbal also manufactures a range of pharmacy scales designed to meet the stringent requirements of pharmacists. These scales are specifically designed for pill counting and weighing, with data management features pharmacies require.

Why Scales Plus?

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