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OHAUS Scales

OHAUS has been a respected manufacturer of scales and balances for over a century! As the inventor of the original Harvard Trip Balance, OHAUS develops and manufactures innovative weighing equipment that services countless industries ranging from cultivation and shipping, to laboratory and classroom applications, among many others. Their expansive catalog covers everything from educational triple beam balances to professional grade semi micro balances for research. OHAUS scales are well respected for their precision, user friendliness, and are globally recognized for their quality and reliability. A wide range of industrial and laboratory processes require the accuracy and precision OHAUS weighing instruments provide. From manufacturing, logistics and quality control, to pharmaceuticals, biotech and life sciences, there is an OHAUS scale suitable for the demands of nearly every application.


Scales Plus is an authorized OHAUS distributor and Regional Service Center, with offerings that span their entire catalog including industrial scales, laboratory balances, calibration weights, parts and accessories. We support every OHAUS scale and balance, providing additional value with services including technical support, calibration, preventative maintenance and repair.


Browse our vast selection of OHAUS scales and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us for free product support!


Why Scales Plus?

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