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Crane Scales

Crane scales are specialized weighing devices designed for lifting and weighing heavy loads in various industrial settings. These scales are equipped with a sturdy hook or attachment mechanism that allows them to be suspended from cranes, hoists, overhead beams or other lifting equipment. Their primary function is to accurately measure the weight of the suspended load during lifting operations, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with weight regulations. Digital crane scales are built to withstand the rigors of industrial environments and a high degree of accuracy to provide precise weight measurements. They typically come with a digital display that allows operators to read the weight easily and quickly. More advanced models, such as MSI Port-a-Weigh crane scales, include additional features such as tare functionality, data logging, remote control operation and connectivity options for integration with other equipment or systems.


Crane scale uses are diverse and can be found in industries such as manufacturing, shipping and logistics, agriculture and commercial fishing. In manufacturing, crane scales are used to weigh raw materials, finished products, or components during production processes. In shipping and logistics, crane scales help ensure that cargo is accurately loaded onto ships or trucks, preventing overloading and optimizing transportation efficiency. In agriculture, they are employed for weighing bulk produce, feed or livestock.


Scales Plus is an authorized dealer for a variety of crane scale manufacturers including MSI, Anyload, Adam Equipment, Optima Scale and more. Our team has extensive knowledge related to heavy-capacity weighing and the processes in which crane scales are used. Need help finding the right one for your application? Contact us today!

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