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Microbalances (0.001 mg)

Microbalances are among the most sensitive weighing instruments in the market, designed to measure extremely small masses with exceptional accuracy. Microbalances are capable of weighing materials with an extraordinary level of precision, providing a readability of 0.001mg, or 1 microgram. Microbalances require sophisticated enclosures to protect the weighing pan from drafts, dust, and other environmental factors that could affect measurement accuracy. They may also incorporate an ionizer in the weighing chamber to eliminate static which can also influence weighing results. It is highly recommended to use these balances in controlled environments and in combination with anti-vibration tables.


Microbalances are essential in research laboratories, scientific institutions, and industries where minute samples need to be measured. They are commonly used for chemical analysis, emissions testing, and applications involving small quantities of hazardous substances. Nanotechnology research and material science rely on microbalances for measuring the mass of nanoparticles, thin films, and other nanostructures. They are used to study material properties, surface interactions, and nanoscale phenomena with high precision. In the pharmaceutical industry, they are used for formulation development, quality control, and regulatory compliance during drug research and manufacturing processes. Microbalances are utilized in life sciences labs for measuring biochemicals and experimental compounds with extraordinary accuracy. These balances are also used in forensic laboratories to analyze trace evidence and biological samples for forensic analysis evidence examination.


We offer a comprehensive selection of microbalances and accessories from brands like Sartorius, A&D Weighing and Radwag. For micro weighing processes, look no further than the experts at Scales Plus. Need assistance choosing the right model for your application? Contact us today!

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