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NTEP Certified Scales

What is an NTEP certified scale? NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program)  is a non-profit committee that develops and enforces the requirements and process to gain NTEP certification of related measuring devices and instruments. Scales that have a certification meet the requirements of NTEP and have been both tested and certified by an approved NTEP testing laboratory. This means that the device can be used in any state where NTEP certification is required. This often relates to the use of scales in legal-for-trade applications. In simpler terms, a commercial weighing application where products are sold by weight. Rules and regulations vary by state but the general rule of thumb is to use an NTEP-certified scale for any instance where the price of a product is determined by the final weight.


Scales Plus has a large selection of NTEP scales and balances for industries including food and beverage, packaging, logistics, pharmacy, and manufacturing. We've got you covered with everything from high-precision NTEP balances to NTEP certified heavy capacity floor scales and everything in between. Buy legal-for-trade scales from the experts in commercial weighing!


Need help selecting the right NTEP scale or have technical questions? Contact Scales Plus 

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