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Moisture Analyzers

Moisture analyzers are used to determine the moisture content of samples using a loss on drying method. They work by heating a sample using a heating element and monitor the loss of weight which is directly related to the loss of moisture. Various heating elements are available including halogen lamps, IR emitters, metal heaters and microwave radiation heaters. Depending on the application, each heating type has a unique set of benefits. Weight is determined by the integrated balance, which is why a moisture analyzer is also commonly referred to as a moisture balance. The combination of heating and weighing is what makes a moisture analyzer capable of determining moisture content within a sample.


Moisture analyzers are commonly used for determining moisture content of food, soil, plastics, gases and pharmaceuticals. Moisture analyzers are capable of reading moisture content accurately from 1% to 0.0001%, depending on the model chosen. The degree of accuracy is dependant upon the sample being tested. Some moisture balances are purpose-built for specific samples, including plastics and food.


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