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Triple Beam Balances

Triple beam balances are classic weighing instruments that have been widely used in laboratories, educational settings, and various industries for decades. They are named for their distinctive design, featuring three parallel beams with sliding weights, each calibrated to measure mass at different levels of precision. Invented in the early 19th century, triple beam balances quickly became a staple in labs and educational institutions due to their accuracy and ease of use. Despite advancements in digital scales, triple beam balances remain valued for their durability, simplicity, and affordability. They do not require batteries or power which lends further to their simplicity and affordability. Their continued use in labs, educational institutions, and various industries highlights their enduring practicality as reliable weighing devices.


Triple beam balances are most commonly used in education to teach students about mass, weight and measurement in science classrooms and labs. They provide hands-on experience and help students by providing an easy-to-understand illustration of the measurement and comparison of mass and weight. Triple beam balances are still used in chemistry and biology labs for measuring chemicals, reagents, and biological specimens. In some industrial applications, triple beam balances may be used because they are intrinsically-safe. Intrinsically safe environments require specialized digital instruments that are designed to prevent spark in hazardous environments such as chemical and paint facilities. Because they don't require a power source, they provide a safe solution for simple weighing tasks.


Triple beam balances are timeless weighing instruments that combine precision, durability, reliability and affordability. Scales Plus is a leading distributor of scales and balances, supporting thousands of customers across the U.S and beyond. Need help choosing the right balance? Need a quote? Contact us today!

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