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Wheelchair Scales

Wheelchair scales are specialized weighing devices designed to accommodate individuals who are unable to stand or have limited mobility, allowing them to be weighed comfortably while seated in a wheelchair. These scales are essential in healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, and assisted living facilities, providing accurate measurements for patients with mobility impairments. Wheelchair scales are engineered to deliver accurate and precise weight measurements. This is essential for monitoring patients' weight changes over time, tracking trends in body mass, and assessing factors such as weight loss or gain, which can be critical indicators of health conditions.


Wheelchair scales feature a unique design that allows patients to remain seated in their wheelchair while being weighed. The scale platforms are large enough to accommodate most standard-sized wheelchairs, providing ample space for the patient to sit comfortably during the weighing process. Most are equipped with ramps to facilitate easy access for patients entering and exiting the scale. This ensures smooth transitions for individuals with mobility impairments and minimizes the risk of falls or injuries during the weighing process. Wheelchair scales are available in a range of capacities to accommodate patients of all body types. Some wheelchair scales are portable, allowing for easy transportation between different locations within a healthcare facility. This is particularly useful for mobile clinics, home healthcare providers, or medical services that require access to weighing capabilities on the go. Wheelchair scales are built to withstand the demands of daily use in healthcare settings.

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