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CAS Scales

CAS Corporation is a scale manufacturer that provides trusted weighing solutions known for their accuracy, reliability, and versatility. With a wide range of products tailored to various industries, CAS scales are used in applications including manufacturing and logistics, retail, food processing, agriculture and more.


CAS scales are commonly used at retail checkout counters for accurately weighing and pricing produce, meats, and other bulk goods. Their precision and user-friendly interface make them essential for ensuring fair transactions and maintaining customer satisfaction. In industrial settings, they play a crucial role in product development, quality control, and production processes. CAS offers solutions to meet the diverse needs of manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing operations with their range of bench scales, heavy-capacity floor scales and crane scales, checkweighers and digital indicators . CAS scales are also well-suited for the food industry, where hygiene and safety are paramount. Waterproof and stainless-steel scales are used in food processing facilities for measuring ingredients, portioning products, and adhering to strict food safety standards.

Why Scales Plus?

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