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Digital Scales

Digital scales are the most common form of weighing equipment on the market today and can be found almost everywhere—and for good reason! They are incredibly precise, easy to use, and capable of handling large capacities with a very small margin of error.

Digital scales are purchased for a large variety of weighing applications, from the smallest analytical tests to the heaviest jobsite recordings. People use digital health scales at home to weigh themselves for dietary purposes. Delis use NTEP legal-for-trade digital food scales to weigh their goods. Manufacturers use industrial digital bench scales to weigh their shipments. The list goes on.

At Scales Plus, we offer digital scales from some of the most trusted brands in the industry. No matter the capacity, readability, or platform size, we’re sure to have the perfect digital scale to meet your needs. If you require further assistance, our digital scale experts would be more than happy to help! You can reach us through the live chat, by email at, or by giving us a call at 616-622-2100.

Why Scales Plus?

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