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Counting Scales

Counting scales are specifically designed to make counting large quantities of items quick and accurate. Counting scales are used in many industries, from manufacturing and inventory management to shipping and retail. They work by weighing a sample of items and then using that weight to calculate the total quantity based on the known weight of each individual item. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual counting, reducing errors and saving valuable time. 


Counting scales are used in a wide range of weighing applications. For example, in manufacturing, they help streamline production processes by ensuring the right number of components are used, reducing waste. In warehouses and distribution centers, they help maintain accurate inventory levels, helping to prevent overstock or out-of-stock situations. In retail, counting scales assist in efficiently managing and packaging items like screws, bolts, or small electronics. Counting scales simplify the task of counting and inventory management, improving efficiency and accuracy.


Scales Plus offers a large selection of counting scales from many of today's most recognized scale manufacturers. We provide technical support and services including calibrations, preventative maintenance, repair and custom system development. Our team of trained and knowledgeable staff can help you find the right counting scale for your process. Need assistance? Contact us today!

Why Scales Plus?

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