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Load Cells

Load cells, also known as force transducers and weight sensors, convert a specific type of mechanical force—typically tension, torque, compression, or pressure—into an output signal. This output signal is then transmitted via a load cell cable to the scale indicator where the precise weight can be measured and read by the operator. Load cells are a key component of digital scales ranging from the smallest pocket scales to high precision laboratory balances, to heavy-capacity scales like floor scales and truck scales. 


At Scales Plus, we carry many different types of load cells, each with a specific design and purpose. We have original replacement load cells for a majority of scale manufacturers and compatible alternatives from load cell brands including Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Anyload, Sensortronics, Celltron, and more. From individual single-ended beam load cells and compression disk load cells, to high-capacity weigh modules and kits, Scales Plus has you covered.


If you would like assistance choosing which load cell is best for your application, contact us today! Our team of knowledgeable staff and trained technicians can help. Did you know we also provide load cell services including custom system design, installation and calibration? Take a look at our services to learn more.

Why Scales Plus?

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