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Checkweighers, or checkweighing scales, are specialized weighing instruments designed to ensure the accuracy and consistency of product weights for various industrial applications. Checkweighers play a critical role in quality control and production efficiency by accurately measuring the weight of items and comparing them against predetermined weight ranges set by the operator. This is commonly referred to as "check weights". Checkweighing scales instantly identify underweight, overweight or acceptable weight items, and provide an indication to the operator audibly or visually. Checkweigher light towers commonly include 3 light colors that indicator overweight (red), underweight (yellow) and acceptable weight (green). Operators may also choose audible alarms to indicate if a product is at an acceptable weight range.


Digital checkweighers are frequently used for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing,  product packaging and more. There are a wide range of scale types, from compact benchtop units to industrial grade in-motion checkweighers. Checkweighing scales serve as indispensable tools for maintaining product integrity and optimizing production processes.


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