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Scale Calibration Services

scale calibration services

Scales Plus provides traceable scale calibration services from trained technicians for every instrument calibrated at our facility. Each instrument is handled with an exceptional level of care. At Scales Plus, we take extra precautions to ensure that weighing devices are carefully unboxed, tested and calibrated using only the best equipment in the industry. The difference is in the details. All Scales Plus technicians are extensively trained to properly handle and calibrate a wide range of industrial scales and laboratory balances. This includes following our quality guidelines, skillfully unboxing and re-packaging equipment and producing calibration reports with the proper data using industry-leading software.


Scales Plus is committed to quality and dedicated to providing service excellence. Our environmentally controlled lab allows us to provide accurate and reliable calibration services for weighing instruments covered within our Scope. Our company continuously seeks opportunities to improve our quality system and expand our scope in order to continue providing our customers with the quality and value they've come to expect from us. We are committed to delivering the highest standard of service and quality in the weighing industry.  Our commitment is supported by adhering to strict standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Scales Plus is A2LA accredited to ISO 17025:2017.

View our ISO Certification and Quality.


• Instruments are ready to use out of the box as soon as you receive it
• NIST traceable calibration report available in hard copy and digital copy
• ISO 17025:2017 accredited certificates available for our ISO customers
• Reduce extra costs associated with local service providers
• One point of contact for instrument purchase and service records
• Peace of mind that your new instrument is within specs

How to Order

Look for the NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate and ISO 17025:2017 Accredited Calibration options above the Add to Cart button on qualifying scales and balances. If you’re purchasing online, simply select which option you'd like under the item options and it will be added to your order. You may also call and a member of our team will assist with your order. Just be sure to request the calibration report with your purchase.


Most new instruments are calibrated within 3-7 business days. Expedited service can be requested and may include an additional cost.

**Additional charges may apply for customer-specific tolerances.

More Services

Scales Plus is a full-service distributor providing a wide range of services for thousands of weighing products. We provide on-site service throughout the state of Michigan and surrounding areas. Mail-in service is available for calibrations, maintenance and repairs. 

Why Scales Plus?

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