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Troemner Weights

Troemner Weights

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Troemner is the world's leading supplier of precision weights and mass calibration standards. Established in 1838, Troemner has continually enhanced its reputation through personnel, refined and accredited processes, and equipment to become the premier manufacturer of precision weights. The Troemner staff includes on premises, industry recognized metrologists and highly trained calibrators. Troemner weights are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility using the finest materials and equipment available. For these significant reasons, Troemner is capable of providing unmatched measurements and metrological analysis and to provide customers with unmatched precision in weights.
Troemner offers weights for any application including cylindrical electronic balance weights, hook weights, slotted weights, heavy capacity weights for large industrial floor scales, UltraClass analytical precision weights, OIML calibration weights, NIST Class F weights, ASTM calibration weights, and even custom weights.

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