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ASTM Calibration Weights

ASTM International is a globally recognized organization founded in 1898 that develops and publishes voluntary consensus standards for a wide range of materials, products, systems, and services. Their standards are used by manufacturers, regulatory agencies, purchasers, and consumers worldwide to ensure product quality, safety, and performance. For the weighing industry, ASTM defines standards and classes for calibraton weights.


ASTM International establishes standards for laboratory weights and prcecision mass standards, ensuring accuracy and consistency in measurements related to weight and mass. The standard for calibration weights provided by ASTM International outlines the requirements and specifications for various types of mass standards, including classes of calibration weights used for calibrating laboratory balances, calibration standards, and reference materials.


These standards typically encompass factors such as material composition, dimensional tolerances, surface finish, marking requirements, and procedures for calibration and verification. By adhering to ASTM International's standards for mass standards, manufacturers and calibration laboratories can produce reliable and traceable mass standards that meet the needs of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and healthcare to aerospace and manufacturing.

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