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A scale indicator is an electronic device that converts load cell signals from a scale to a weight that the operator can read on the display. Digital scale indicators, also commonly referred to as weight indicators or scale controllers, are the central hub of digital scales. Think of an indicator as the "computer" or "brain" of a weighing system.  Operators are able to perform functions like selecting weighing modes, configuring data transmission, setting sample weights for counting, and setting checkweighing limits among many others. Indicators are available with a wide range of capabilities and functions, from basic weighing and just a couple keys, to more complex systems with touchscreen displays, numerical keypads, multiple inputs and outputs and expansive weighing modes.


Scales Plus is a leading distributor and service provider of scale indicators. We offer one of the largest selections in the industry from top brands including Rice Lake Weighing Systems, OHAUS, Anyload, Adam Equipment and many more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best scale indicator for your application. Contact us today! You may also like to read our blog about digital scale indicators and how they work!

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