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Animal Scales

Animal scales are specifically designed to weigh animals accurately and safely. Scales Plus offers a comprehensive selection of scales for animals of all sizes, from household pets to livestock and all species in between. Animal scales are an important tool for tracking the weight and health of pets, wildlife and cattle. There are a large variety of options to choose from, including platform size, capacity, mobility and other features including communication, environmental protection and more. Some models include a dynamic weighing function that is able to accurately determine the weight of an animal even when they are moving. 


Scales Plus is an authorized distributor for many animal scale manufacturers including Rice Lake Weighing Systems, OHAUS, Brecknell, Tree and more. From small and medium sized animals including felines, dogs, rodents and reptiles, to large animals like cows, horses, goats and sheep, we have an animal scale that is right for you. Need help choosing the right scale? Contact us today!

Why Scales Plus?

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