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Food Scales

Food scales are one of the most popular scale types within the weighing industry. Not only are they used in a wide range of commercial food operations, but also personal use for the home cook and those monitoring nutritional needs. Scales Plus is a leading food scale dealer, covering everything from food manufacturers and packers, to restaurants, delis and farmer's markets. 


Digital food scales are available with a variety of functions, features, units of measure and platform sizes. A lot of of them have higher IP ratings to protect against water damage, which is an important feature when cleaning equipment before and after service. Low capacity food scales are great for ingredients weighing, portioning and small food packaging. High capacity models are ideal for bulk ingredients weighing, bulk packaging and shipping. Digital food scales typically weigh in grams and ounces for portioning and nutrition, while those used for heavier applications typically read in pounds and kilograms. Some models provide multiple weighing units for increased versatility. For manufacturers and packers, checkweighing scales and in-motion checkweighers help streamline high-throughput operations with the ability to check packaged food weights quickly to ensure quality and regulatory requirements are met.


If you're looking for the ideal food weighing scale, you've come to the right place. Scales Plus is an authorized distributor for many of today's top brands. We provide additional value-added services including calibration, preventative maintenance, custom system development and repair. Need help finding the right scales for your particular application? Contact us today!

Why Scales Plus?

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