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Parts Counting Done Right - New 7800 Count & Weigh Scales

Parts Counting Done Right - New 7800 Count & Weigh Scales

May 14th 2024

7800 Touchscreen Count & Weigh bench scales from Pennsylvania Scale are the latest entry into their line of industrial scales. They are an exciting addition, featuring a color touchscreen display, user-friendly operation and rugged construction ideal for industrial weighing applications including parts counting, checkweighing and general weighing tasks. With exceptional data collection and integration capabilities, operational simplicity, and versatility, these are an example of parts counting scales done right.

pennsylvania scale 7800 touchscreen count and weigh scale

7800 count and weigh parts counting scale

Pennsylvania Scale 7800 Touchscreen Bench Scales

The new 7800 Count & Weigh touchscreen bench scales from Pennsylvania Scale provide a 3-in-1 solution for parts counting, weighing and checkweighing. 7800 series bench scales are made in the USA, durably constructed and designed to perform in harsh industrial conditions for years of continuous use. 

7800 Count & Weigh Models

Here are some of the features we are most excited about when it comes to these new touchscreen bench scales.

Easy to Use Color Touchscreen

One of the most notable features of the 7800 series bench scales is the full-color touchscreen display. It offers a simple and convenient layout that is bright and easy-to-read. A full alpha-numeric QWERTY keyboard makes operation and data entry quick and familiar, resembling that of a smartphone, for easy entry of scale data points. To further simplify operation, the screen will only display data and keys relevant to the weighing made being used, which makes navigation and visibility quicker by cutting out unnecessary clutter.

qwerty keyboard of 7800 count and weigh

pennsylvania scale 7800 count and weigh display

Expansive Communication Options

Pennsylvania Scale 7800 touchscreen bench scales are available with standard communication options from Scales Plus including analog and Ethernet IP. Additional options are also available, which include Bluetooth, USB and WiFi connectivity. These scales are capable of connecting to various peripheral devices and software, including ERP systems and data management systems. This provides the ability to integrate weighing operations into data collection processes, inventory management systems and more.

Second Base Operation

Further flexibility comes from the ability of 7800 Count & Weigh scales to connect to a second scale base. This is an optional add-on, but it provides exceptional versatility for inventory management and weighing processes. A second scale base allows operators to weigh multiple items at a time, each on their own base. This also allows the ability to connect to a larger scale platform for weighing heavier or over-sized items. 

 How Does a Counting Scale Work?

Durable Construction

7800 Count & Weigh bench scales are built to handle continuous use in harsh industrial environments. They are constructed with a die-cast base and stainless steel pan. Rugged durability is what Pennsylvania Scale is known for, and this continues to be true with the construction of the 7800 series. They are an ideal choice for high-volume parts counting and weighing operations.

The Right Counting Scale for the Job

As you now know, the 7800 Touchscreen Count & Weigh bench scales are an exceptional choice for rigorous parts counting applications. Durability, data collection, and ease-of-use are the hallmarks of a weighing scale designed for industrial use. 

Take a look at all the options available in the 7800 series, available now from Scales Plus. 

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