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Load Cells

Load Cells

Load cells, also known as force transducers, convert a specific type of mechanical force—typically tension, torque, compression, or pressure—into an output signal. This output signal is then transmitted via a load cable to the scale’s indicator where the precise weight can be measured and read by the operator. As with most things, load cells are susceptible to wear and tear and are known to shift, bend, and misalign over time. To compensate for this, scales should be regularly recalibrated or replaced to maintain the most accurate measurements.

At Scales Plus, we carry many different types of load cells, each with a specific design and purpose. We even carry a wide variety of load cell brands to fit your exact scale model. If you would like some help figuring out which load cell is best for your application, let us know. We would be happy to help! You can reach us through the live chat, by email at, or by calling us at 616-622-2100.

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