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Make Perfect Pizza with PIZA Scales

Make Perfect Pizza with PIZA Scales

Jul 9th 2024

Pizza is serious business around the world. In the USA alone, the pizza industry generated $49.4B in 2023 according to IBIS World. In the pursuit of making the best pizza, restaurateurs, chains and franchisees rely on their skill, selection of ingredients and proper tools to create the perfect slice. Weighing ingredients is crucial for making components such as dough and sauce, as well as maintaining consistency and efficiency in fast-paced restaurants. Using the right scale can make the all the difference. Enter PIZA scales. 

PIZA Scales

Tree PIZA scales are specifically designed for efficiently weighing food and ingredients in commercial settings. As their name implies, they are ideal for weighing dough and other ingredients used to make pizza. They have quickly become one of the most popular food scales we sell, with a long list of customers and chains working within the pizza industry. A variety of features, most notably their NSF certification and affordability, make them a favorite among business owners and pizza aficionados.

NSF Certified

Tree PIZA scales are NSF-certified for use in commercial food preparation and manufacturing. NSF has developed a set of standards by which food grade equipment must meet, ensuring they are safe to use for food processing. This is an important distinction sought by food manufacturers, packagers and pizza establishments alike. You can rest easy knowing that PIZA scales meet regulatory requirements and are safe for weighing pizza ingredients!

Large Weighing Surface

The stainless steel weighing platform measures 12.4" x 12.7", providing ample room for weighing bulk ingredients. It is ideal for weighing pizza dough, pizza sauce and toppings. Cleanup is a breeze as well. Stainless steel is preferred in commercial kitchens for its natural hygienic properties, corrosion resistance and durability.

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Wireless Options

PIZA scales include a couple models that feature a wireless Bluetooth display that can be placed up to 100 feet away from the weighing platform. This allows kitchen staff additional space for weighing ingredients, and locating the display in a place where it can be viewed by multiple staff members. 

Easy to Use

These uniquely designed food scales make the weighing process quick, efficient and easy. The combination of a large backlit display and simple 4 or 5-button keypad makes these pizza scales easy to use, requiring zero or little training. Staff members can begin using the scale straight out of the box and become proficient operating the scale immediately. 

PIZA models include a 4-button keypad and a foot pedal for zeroing. This makes the process of zeroing the scale quicker while reducing the potential for contamination, and allowing the operator an "extra hand" to continue mixing and weighing pizza ingredients.

PIZA+ models feature the wireless remote display and a 5-button keypad. The foot pedal is not included with the PIZA+ models, but may be purchased additionally for added convenience.

Battery Operation

Ditch the cords. Reduce clutter, tripping hazards and power restrictions due to limited power outlet locations. Tree PIZA scales are battery operated, providing long-term use before the batteries need to be replaced. To make it even more simple, PIZA scales run on standard AA batteries. 

IR Tare Sensor

Wireless models include an IR (infrared) tare sensor which allows hands-free operation of the tare function. Operators can tare the scale with a simple hand motion, thus improving productivity and efficiency. This unique feature is typically found on more expensive models but is included standard with the wireless PIZA+ scales.

Order Information

Scales Plus offers the best deals, support and service in the weighing industry, covering thousands of weighing systems and components. We know weighing, and we know PIZA food scales will make crafting the perfect pizza more efficient, consistent and convenient. 

Order a PIZA scale today! Are you looking to order for multiple locations? Contact us today for a special price quote!

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