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OHAUS Courier 7000 i-C71M75R Shipping Scale, 150 lb x 0.05 lb, NTEP

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The Courier 7000 Series stands as a tailored solution for precise shipping applications for manufacturing, distribution, and office settings. Its specialized design seamlessly integrates with PC-based shipping software, guaranteeing the accurate and efficient capture of weighing data every time. The inclusion of the GeoCode application allows local calibration adjustments for usability across various applications. The display's intelligent "Display Hold" functionality securely retains weight data, presenting it on a conveniently sized illuminated display, while the innovative Weight Alert™ mode serves as a proactive warning system for packages surpassing predefined weight limits. The Courier 7000 further offers adaptable power sources, functioning via USB type-C or disposable batteries. Additionally, optional features such as Ethernet, second RS232, Bluetooth/WiFi, remote display, and specialized platform tops like ball top and roller top contribute to enhanced material handling efficiency.

The Courier 7000 entails a user-friendly four-key interface for operational simplicity. It seamlessly interfaces with widely used shipping software including UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager through a standard USB-HID connection. Integration with third-party software is facilitated through RS232 output. Versatility is further evident in data connection options, encompassing Ethernet TCP/IP, a secondary RS232 port, or the choice between Bluetooth and WiFi. The scale's durability is underscored by a robust powder-coated carbon steel frame and a heavy-duty stainless steel platform, guaranteeing enduring performance in demanding daily shipping activities. The scale includes precision load cells compliant with NTEP/Measurement Canada regulations. Optional platforms like ball tops and roller tops offer improved efficiency in conveyor and warehousing operations, alleviating operator strain and bolstering overall productivity. The scale's large, luminous display ensures legible readings even in dimly-lit warehouse and loading dock environments. While the indicator is initially base-mounted, the flexibility to affix it to a column for elevated display or to employ a second Remote Display and column for result verification further showcases the Courier 7000's adaptability and utility.


  • Communication Protocal for UPS built-in
  • Low profile stainless steel platform for easy cleaning
  • ABS constructed indicator
  • Optional battery power (100 hours continuous use)
  • Weight Alert™ mode to warn users if packages are too heavy
  • 5-digit, 7-segment LCD Display
  • 2 meter long cable allows indicator to be mounted remotely
  • NTEP Class III Approved, Certificate of Conformance #23-013
  • Canada Weights and Measures Regulations (AM-6218)


  • Weighing
  • Dynamic / Animal Weighing
  • Display Hold
  • Totalization
  • Weigh Alert


Ohaus Courier 7000 Data Sheet Ohaus Courier 7000 Manual

1 year manufacturer's warranty
150 lb
Certified Readability:
0.05 lb
CC #:
External calibration
Weighing Units:
lb, kg, g, oz, lb:oz
Pan Size:
12.0 x 14.0 in / 305 x 355 mm
ABS plastic indicator, stainless steel platform
1.1 in / 28 mm digit height, 6-digit, 7-segment LCD display with white backlight
Zero Range:
2% or 100% of capacity
Auto-zero Tracking:
Off, 0.5 d, 1 d or 3 d
Safe Overload Capacity:
150% of capacity
Stabilization Time:
1 second
USB Type-C, RS232, Mini DIN for optional interfaces
Operating Temperature:
14 °F to 104 °F / -10 °C to 40 °C
AC Adapter (Included); 4 AA Batteries (Not Included)
Battery Operation:
70 hours continuous use

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