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Ohaus Defender 6000 Washdown Bench Scales

Ohaus Defender 6000 Washdown Bench Scales

Defender 6000 series bench scales offer two types of indicators: a polycarbonate indicator housing for superior protection against moisture and a 316 stainless steel indicator for enhanced protection against corrosion from cleaners and additives. Equipped with a 316 stainless steel frame, platform and hermetically-sealed stainless steel load cell, the Defender 6000 series bench scales are specifically designed for washdown, enhancing food safety and reducing downtime.

Food Safe Design: NSF listed/certified, USDA-AMS accepted, and supports HACCP compliance. Defender 6000 series bench scales are wash-down IP68/IP69K rated with a knife proof front panel to operate reliably in harsh environments.

Featuring advanced applications including configurable Checkweighing, Percent Weighing, Filling and Dynamic Weighing or Display Hold, the Defender 6000 meets the weighing needs of practically any food or chemical processing application. Easy-to-use application modes eliminate the need for long and complicated manual calculations. GMP/GLP with time/date output allows for the traceability of results.

i-D61PW models offer an optional Infrared (IR) communication kit for connectivity without opening the housing. The indicator can store up to 1,000 weighing results which can be transferred to a PC or system for traceability.

i-D61XWE models offer multiple connectivity options, including built-in RS232 and USB host, 2nd RS232/RS485/USB Device, Analog Output, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Ethernet and Discrete I/O with relays. Hands-free, touchless sensor reduces contamination risk.

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