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OHAUS SJX 1502NE Portable Dispensary Scale
The OHAUS SJX N/E series is a durable and compact portable balance designed specially to cater to industries such cannabis production, dispensaries, gold, and jewelry. These balances are NTEP and Measurement Canada approved for use in legal for trade applications. You can choose from either Class II or Class III depending on the requirements of your application. The 1502N/E and the 323N/E are Class II while the 622N/E and the 6201N/E are Class III. It is also important to point out that the 323N/E has a 1 mg readability and with that in mind the manufacturer has included an integrated draft shield with an easily removable top cover.
Boasting 7 total weighing function the SJX is also ideal in laboratory, educational, and industrial applications. These weighing functions include weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, check weighing, totalization, and display hold. With the easily accessible weigh below hook the scale can perform density determination or weigh oddly proportioned objects. An AC adapter is included with the purchase of an SJX but when a standard power source is unavailable the balance can be powered with 4 AA batteries. 
The OHAUS SJX does not have a standard built in communication option. Although this may seem like a hinderance at first, the design is strategic. Each end user can decide exactly which communication accessory works best for their application. These options range from RS-232, USB, USB Host, Bluetooth, or Ethernet. 

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Legal for Trade: The SJX/E line from Ohaus is NTEP and Measurement Canada approved. Depending on the state, the balances can be placed into service by a certified technician or your state's weights and measures agency. Choose from NTEP Class II and Class III models. CC 16-015A1
Capacity and Readability Range: The balances range in capacity from 64 gram to 6200 gram and have readability options ranging from 0.001 gram to 1 gram.
High Speed Performance: These scales can provide a stable weight reading in  1 to 1.5 seconds or less depending on the environment.
Units: g, kg, ct, oz, ozt, dwt, lb, grn
OHAUS SJX 323 Portable Cannabis Scale
OHAUS SJX 622NE Scout Portable Cannabis Balance
Portability: When the power adapter cannot be utilized the balance is capable of being powered by 4 AA batteries.
Power: Standard AC adapter and optional battery power
Weighing Functions: The SJX series features 7 built-in application modes including general weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, check weighing, totalization, density determination, and display hold
Weighing Below Hook: A built in access point for a weigh below hook allows the balance to weight bulky yet lightweigh object that it otherwise would be unable to measure. This also enables the balance to be utilized in density determination.
Common Industries: The OHAUS Scout SJX/E series of portable balances are ideal for a wide variety of legal-for-trade applications including cannabis production and retail dispensary sales, weighing jewelry, precious metals like gold and silver, and gemstones.
Construction: Balances are constructed of durable ABS plastic and topped with a stainless steel weigh pan
Compact Design: The compact build of the SJX reduces the work space and storage space required.
Overload Protection: An advanced mechanical overload protection system built into the balance allows it to withstand up to 10 times its rated capacity without receiving substantial damage.
Calibration Capabilities: User selectable span calibration and linear calibration
OHAUS SJX 1502NE being used to weigh diamonds and jewelry
OHAUS SJX Interface USB Host
Expanded Communication Options: The OHAUS SJX does not have any built in communication options. Instead there are optional connector kits to fit the SJX to your specific communication requirement. These kits include RS-232, USB, USB Host, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.
RS-232: Enables the scale to be easily connected to a printer, PC, or other periferal
USB Host: With the USB Host option, you can simply save and transfer data from the balance to a USB drive
Bluetooth: The Bluetooth option allows you to wirelessly operate the balance via a mobile device or tablet for Android™
Additional Features: Transportation lock, Adjustable slip resistant feet, leveling bubble, stability indicator, auto tare, low battery indicator, auto shut-off, user selectable printing options, user selectable communication settings


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